Windows Small Business Server 2011 by Microsoft

Gadget Herald: Microsoft has launched a business server operating system once again, this time the company has come up with the Windows Small Business Server 2011. It a new innovation into business based computing network and working system, in brief it is small and a complete package for small business usage.

The new version of the business operating system has enhanced employee remote access and the deployment processing features. Windows SBS is manufactured to run on computer systems built for small business organizations around the world. This is also the next release of any type of business server by Microsoft, especially after the Windows Server 2008.

The installation process has been simplified to a greater extent and has a small tutorial for users, as of how they can set up a small network inside a business organization. The SBS 2011 has been launched in two different versions, Essential and Standard. The Essential version can network up to 25 employees, and the Standard version can link 75 people in the organization on a license term.

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