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Samsung Wave II S8530 smartphone priced at Rs.20,990 in India

Gadget Herald: Samsung has revealed the new Wave II S8530 smartphone in India and has priced the device at Rs.20,990/- only. This is the latest phone in the country which is running on the Bada 1.2 operating system. The Bada OS is one the latest operating systems in the world of smartphones, and it has functions similar to the Android OS.

The latest OS on the phone will feature T9 trace and Swype like features, something which is quite relevant as the Google Android. One can quickly write messages on the device by just scribbling their fingers on the phone’s interface. The Bada OS has been indigenously built by Samsung, and it has been exclusively used on most of the Samsung phones.

The Wave II S8530 also caters the user with social networking services and instant messaging, plus it comes with 3.7 inch LED touch screen and TouchWiz 3.0 UI. The 5MP camera with flash provides better image quality and sharpness, enhancing the image appearance.

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