Microsoft may release Windows Phone 7 update on February 7th February

Gadget Herald: According to some sources, the Windows Phone 7 update may be heading our way on February 7th, and this is also going to be the first update the WP7 will ever receive after it was launched in last year. But the news regarding the updates has not yet been confirmed especially from Microsoft’s side.

The news and rumours regarding the WP7 update has been circulating on the web since the month of December 2010, but Microsoft has not yet spoken a word regarding it. One of the main issues in the updates was the Codes, the code changes have been rectified and it may become downloadable one published on the web.

The new update will let the applications on a particular cellphone load faster on the device, but it should have a Qualcomm processor to receive the best performance. Speaking about the phone’s internet browsing capability, there are some notches to IE9 and the trident engine running the HTML5 feature.

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