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Nokia 3310 is Back! Check out all the specifications and review

Nokia 3310, the new old phone!

Here’s a refresh to one of the most durable phones of all time. The Nokia 3310 again. 17 years later.

Dubbed as indestructible, the phone now has more to offer than just durability. Nokia 3310 had an iconic candy bar design that influenced a generation of phones and hmd decided to take that design and pour some fresh paint over it.

For old school mobile users it’s an appeal to the nostalgia of a connected generation, this is the greatest phone Nokia ever made. It’s a phone that everyone loved. Nokia 3310 appeals to an older generation which didn’t have Instagram photos or Snapchat memories.

There’s a lot more to the 2017 edition of the Nokia 3310 than the original 3310. Check out all the specifications – 

1. The phone has a 2.4 inch QVGA color screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels rather than the monochrome display we all remember.

2. In terms of design the new 3310 pays homage to its older brother but the newer model is a fair bit thinner and lighter than the original 3310 and time around it has a 2mp camera with a LED flash.

3. The phone comes in four vibrant and fun colors Warm Red, Yellow, Dark Blue and Grey.

4. The phone has 16 MB internal storage and it’s expandable through micro SD card up to 32 GB. That’s more than enough considering this phone is running Nokia series 30+ Software based on Symbian.

5. The phone is powered by a removable 1200mAh battery that lasts up to 744h on standby (that’s almost a month) and gives a talk time of 22h. It’s going to last forever!

6. This phone comes with a headphone jack *Laughs* and a Micro USB slot to charge the device, It has buttons to navigate through the new ecosystem which is packing a few more apps than the original.

7. There are basic apps like a voice recorder, calculator, a web browser and a new revamped version of snakes that looks cool.

8. The phone will go on sale in the second quarter and with a retail price of $50 – that’s cheap considering today’s phone market!

What we like about the phone?

It’s a classic design that offers a new wave of nostalgia.

Here’s what doesn’t work for us –

It’s an impractical phone considering today’s smartphone market.

What do you get in the box with your brand new Nokia 3310?

Gadget Herald’s Final Verdict on the Nokia 3310 – 

This phone is not for the average user and it won’t be replacing your daily driver. This phone is a classic, a tribute to simpler times, a piece of retro culture brought back by one of the most beloved phone manufactures of all time.

Now we can’t wait until flip phones come back in style!

Image Credits – Nokia

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