Sony launched wireless earbuds with noise cancellation feature


Sony is known for its innovative products in its music segment. From earbuds, neckbuds and over-the-ear head phones, Sony offers various products for the music enthusiasts. Sony reportedly debuted three new models in the 1000X series at the IFA Berlin on August 31, 2017. The launch of the new models is a result of the successful and a good response from its noise-cancelling 1000X headphones. Sony introduced the wireless WF – 1000X, WI – 1000X and the WH – 1000 XM2 headphones.

All the models feature the noise cancellation feature and are a good competition to the AirPods by Apple as they will be actually wireless. Sony’s earpods provides the listeners with three hours of battery life. Sony has claimed that its charging case can hold additional two charges which means it will have nine hours of battery life for use.

The device will take about an hour and a half for a full charge with the case which grabs power from a micro USB. There are reports that the Apple’s AirPods can be tracked, but that will not be the case with the new product by Sony. The company has provided a button on each of the earbuds, one to enable the ambient sounds and the other to pick up phone calls.

The tech giant decided to launch the earbuds as well as the neck buds as the market has a trend towards wireless technology with AirPods and earbuds from other companies. The company added that it wants to give the consumers a choice with earbuds and neckbuds. The headphone models went on sale in September, 2017 with the WF- 1000X to cost $199.99, WI – 1000X at $299.99 and WH – 1000XM2 to cost $349.99. All the devices can be controlled through the new Headphones Connect App by Sony.

Photo Credits: The verge

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