Motorola launches new Moto Mod that attaches a Polaroid printer to your phone


Smartphone manufacturing giant, Motorola has reportedly announced an innovative device known as the Moto Mod for the Moto Z line-up, the Polaroid Insta Printer. The device has been in news for quite some time and is now available for pre-order. The Moto Mod has got a physical shutter which can be used to launch the camera and take a picture and then it takes a print on a 2 X 3 zink paper.

Apart from printing pictures from the camera roll, the device can also print pictures from Intagram, Facebook as well as Google Photos. The Moto Mod can reportedly be bought for $199.99 in the US through Verizon as well as starting from November 17, 2017. The device cannot be considered as less expensive considering that the Polaroid OneStep2 costs $99 and even the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 costs $70 in all festive colors.

Many of the Moto Mods will not be cheap and the price begins from $70 for the Gamepad Moto Mod and the Hasselblad True Zoom camera attachment costs $250. Apart from the pricing, even the device is bulky and is not slim to fit inside a pocket. So unless you need to carry a printer, the users can very well carry a proper instant camera.

The Insta-Share has also shared that the device will allow the users to customize the pictures with borders, filters as well as texts. This has further defeated the whole purpose of an instant camera. Some of the features of the device include 2 x 3 prints on zink zero ink paper with peel-off adhesive backs, so the users can stick them anywhere they like. Filters, borders and designs can make the picture taking experience more fun. By long pressing the physical capture button, the camera is launched and a short press takes the snap. The device is exclusively for the Moto Z.

Photo Credits: androidpolice

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