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Huawei files patent for foldable smartphone


With the launch of the new Huawei P20, the company has indicated that the it is ready to introduce devices which take the technology to a new level. The company is now looking forward towards it upcoming device which will be a foldable phone. The latest patent has indicated an upcoming foldable phone for the company.

The patent application has shown a device similar to a smartphone which has a bendable display in many diagrams. The company intends to provide a futuristic look with a bendable phone to give the users a tablet sized display which becomes convenient during travel and long commutes. The device will also allow the user to fold it up in to smartphone size so it can slip in to a pocket.

It cannot be said if the company will be able to release a phone with a foldable design as the sequels to the Huawei Mate 10 or P20 and P20 Pro next year. But it has surely indicated that it is keen to give a tough fight to Samsung and Apple with a bendable design phone. One of the bumps that Huawei is facing is that it does not want a gap in the middle of two screens which can be seen in the ZTE Axon M. The new patent by Huawei is likely to solve the problem with a bendable display but so far it is just on papers. The company is far from a prototype hardware.

The next problem the company might face its durability. Reports say that the science behind such a display cannot endure so many folds. Reports say that Apple, LG, Lenovo, Samsung and now Huawei are now looking forward to a foldable phone. If Huawei soon comes up with a truly foldable and an attractive smartphone, then it would be a landmark achievement for the company and a good competition for the other phone giants.

Photo Credits: i4u

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