Apple rumoured to be working on Micro-LED display for Apple Watch and smartglasses


A report posted in November 2017 had said that Apple was working on a touch phase of the next generation Micro-LED displays. Another report in March 2018 said that Apple had a secret Micro-Led display testing plant in California. A report from 2017 had touched on an important patent that Apple’s LuxVue had owned and that could have been the possibility in manufacturing micro-Led displays along with smartwatches.

A new reports has now claimed that Apple might be making efforts to develop micro LED panels for small as well as big applications and has also got support from TSMC which is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company for making the small size LED panels. The US based tech giant has joined hands with TSMC to develop micro LED panels which are silicon based and could be used in Apple Watch, which is a popular wearable device among the users. An Apple patent application had indicated for smartglasses in July 2017.

iPhone maker is also working on another project on developing sixe zero micro-LED panels on the TFT based backplanes. The company is likely to use them in products sized much larger than its MacBooks. Luke Lin, a senior analyst from Digitimes Research said that Apple is preparing two sizes of micro LED panels for the small size applications. 1.3 inch and a 1.4 inch for the future Apple Watch and a 0.7 and 0.8 inch for the AR wearable device. It is expected that the Apple Watch micro LED panel might be produced during the second half of 2018 or in 2019.

The large size one is expected to enter mass production in 2019 or even later. The AR wearable device panel is yet to have a schedule for production. Apple is expected to adopt the micro LED panel for the top in line models for its upcoming Apple Watch series.

Photo Credits: NDTV Gadgets

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