Google offers 20% discount on Clips Camera

Clips camera

Search engine giant Google launched its Google Clips camera two months back. The company has already announced a 20% sale on the newly launched product questioning about the performance and the popularity of the device. The price of the Google Clips has been brought down to $199 from $249.

At the same time the Clips camera has made use of a novel idea as it uses AI to automatically record and clip things that can be interesting. It has smart intelligence that reads about the users, their pets in the household so that it can decide when the pictures can be appropriate. The device can also catch the moments that the users often miss. The Clips camera has o be just set up in the house and watch it perform. The problem was the price at $249 which made it hard for the users to shell out.

The device is on the special discounted price till May 13, 2018, which is on mother’s day. The period of sale is justified as the purpose was to draw the attention of the parents who wish to keep a watch on their kids at home, but do not have time to constantly be on their devices or waiting for the previous moments. The Clips camera is being offered for a discounted price but still, the device seems to be hard to sell. The user just needs to hold it , clip it or just set it to get those memorable captures.

The device is good for those who have a curiosity of how it actually works and what else can it be used. The Google Clips can be purchased from Google Store. The Clips camera has technology that recognizes great expressions along with lighting and framing so that those precious moments can be captured automatically. More information on the device is provided on the official Google Store. Free shipping is also offered by Google throughout US.

Photo Credits: Facebook

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