Smart laser 1080p Wi-Fi Mobile Projector

All you need to know about the Smart Laser 1080p Mobile Projector

The Smart Laser 1080p Mobile Projector is an ideal device for student learning, business presentation, home entertainment as well as for indoor and outdoor games. It comes in black color and supports both English and Chinese languages.

It has the following Features:

Inbuilt lithium battery- The mini projector can fit in your pocket. You can move with it to any business meeting with much ease.

Rechargeable battery – It does not require frequent charging as it has an inbuilt 1000mAh lithium battery. You only need to charge it for 2 hours and once fully charged; the battery can take up to 40mins before recharging. It has Micro USB port and you can also use your portable power bank to recharge it too!

Micro SD-card enabled– It is easier for you to carry and transfer files using USB connection or SD card .The card has 64 GB, therefore, has more than enough space.

Multi-color processing – You will get clear images of different contrast ratios as the device has an advanced multi-color processing ability. It has lamps with a lifespan of 30000hrs and projection size of up to 70 inches. It also has 800:1 Contrast Ratio, 30ANSI lumens brightness, and 640 x 360 (WVGA) resolutions.

Dimensions – The mini projector comes in a small size of 4.4cm x 4.6cm x 4.5cm, with a weight 98gm.It is light highly portable. You will be able to watch your favorite movies and music anytime not forgetting making your business presentations anywhere without fear.

Perfect sound – Smart laser 1080 Wi-Fi Mobile Wireless Projector has a built-in speaker .You get to enjoy the super sound from the internal and external speakers!

The package comes with the following:

• One P1 DLP Projector

• One USB Cable.

Smart Laser Wi-Fi 1080p Mobile Wireless Projector will give you amazing images from the best video, audio and picture formats. The sound effect from the speaker will never disappoint .Purchase the device and say bye to frequent charging, thanks to the rechargeable battery. It is also portable thus making it good for use both at home and while away on your business meetings.

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