Kobo launches HD e-ink device Clara HD for as low as $130

Clara HD

It seems surprising that in an era of full-color tablet display, dedicated e-readers still exist. The reason is that such devices have an advantage over the regular tablets as they are appreciated by the readers. The e-ink display are known to be gentle on the eyes when compared to the back-lit displays. Such a technology helps towards comfortable and long term reading. Rakuten has announced its new Kobo e-reader known as the Clara HD.

The Clara HD is a 6 inch device that has an HD 300 dpi screen and the best part is that it is affordable at $130. The other device that Kobo sells with the same resolution is the Kobo Aura One, which has a slightly larger screen with 7.8 inches and is also waterproof. The device costs $100 more than the new Clara HD. On the other hand the Aura has a 6 inch display and costs $10 less than the Clara HD.

Talking about the new Clara HD it comes with the ComfortLight Pro that spreads the light evenly across the screen and is designed to reduce the discomfort that is caused due to the blue light exposure during night reading. The Clara HD has a capacity to hold 6,000 ebooks as it has a storage capacity of 8GB with weeks of battery life. Moreover, it can also be synced to the free Kobo app that is available for smartphones and tablets. This means that the users can pick up reading seamlessly on other devices as well.

So far the company has not clarified about when the device will ship but is currently available for pre-order. Some of the media reports have claimed that Clara HD will ship in the US in June, 2018. The gadget enthusiasts in Netherlands, UK, Canada, Turkey, Itqaly, Spain and Portugal can get their hands on the device by Kobo on June 5, 2018. The readers in France can get their hands on the Clara HD on June 1, 2018.

Photo Credits: Hardware HD blog

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