Nokia cancels MeeGo version for Netbooks

Gadget Herald: MeeGo’s netbook operating system for the future has been officially dropped by Nokia, another shocking news from the Finnish cellphone company after it ousted the Symbian OS earlier. The developer of this platform has said, he was personally working on the Smeegol OS, which is a combined UI of Moblin and MeeGo.

The news has also been confirmed from the developers side, the MeeGo project for the Netbook operating system is officially over. He was quite sad over the fact that, all their hard work on this project has resulted into nothing. Rather, Nokia is working on the MeeGo Release Engineering Plans 1.2, which of course does not include any netbook OS plans.

Once again MeeGo developer, Andrew Wafaa, stated, he had spoken to many of his officials at Nokia, they said, the company will now put the MeeGo Netbook UX into the maintenance mode and shall not work on it, at least for the near future. They also shall make no further official announcement in context to the OS.

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