Microsoft likely to join hands with Razer for Keyboard and mouse support for Xbox


Since the past few years, software giant Microsoft has been teasing the keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One. But hit has been a while since there has been an update from the gaming giant. But now it is likely that there are chances that the feature might soon roll out with a possible partnership between Microsoft and Razer.

Some of the recent reports from leading dailies have claimed that Microsoft has partnered with Razer for the first Keyboard and mouse for the Xbox. At present it seems like the company is focusing on a lap friendly Razer Turret that will be available for use on a console. Earlier the Razer Turret was expected to be added to the Xbox in the April update for the developers but the current status of it is not known. Under any circumstances, the software giant wants the developers to have access to the feature so that support is created around it before it is launched to the public.

A few more details have indicated multiplayer support for KB/M which will be entirely up to the developer. Moreover, the gaming giant is also encouraging the developers to pay close attention to the keyboard/mouse VS gamepad in the multiplayer games. Microsoft has also suggested that some of the developers might want to add a few specific matchmaking rules so as to keep the KB/M users away from the gamepad users.

For now Razer Turret seems to be the focus on the marketing side the presentation of Microsoft on the subject has indicated that the Xbox One will support all the mice just like Windows. This will also include the dongles. However, the ones that depend on the custom drivers or Bluetooth might not support the device. The upcoming development might be an exciting news for the gamers but would it mean blurring of lines between the PC and console gaming.

Photo Credits: IGN

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