Apple improves Apple Maps with improved accuracy and performance

Apple Maps

Tech giant Apple has been ambitious in the mapping service since about half a decade but has not been received well when it was first announced. The Apple Maps was first announced in 2012 with the release of the iOS 6, but soon, the service received a severe backlash from the experts and enthusiasts due to the sub-par solution. The launch was such a failure that CEO Tim Cook had went on to make an embarrassing recommendation that the users must switch to Google or Bing Maps.

In the next four years, the service underwent 2.5 million corrections, but Apple has still not been able to completely redeem itself from the faulty launch. This was the reason, the company has now decided to begin the product from scratch. Fresh reports have revealed that the new product which has been revamped will slowly roll out to the users beginning with those who are enrolled in the iOS 12 beta. Apple has also claimed that it has worked hard in terms of collecting data itself over the years.

The makers of Apple Maps added that only the San Francisco and Bay Area will be covered immediately but it is planning to cover all the Northern California by fall. The whole of the US will be added section by section by the end of the year. The data will be received from two sources, from the iPhones and Apple’s own mapping vans. While there might be privacy issues regarding the sources, Apple has assured that it would only receive data while the users Maps app was open and will also ensure that only parts of the information is received in anonymous parcel.

The iPhone maker is also looking out how the navigation data is displayed with the upcoming update. The Mapping data will not be sparse or bland like before and will have better color representations for areas with vegetation and visual distinction between different types of roads.

Photo Credits:Phone World

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