Light to stuff nine lenses in smartphone prototype


Digital photography company Light, that made news for its incredible looking L16 camera, might be venturing in to the smartphone arena. Light is known for packing 16 lenses in to a single pocket size device. There are reports that the company is experimenting with prototype phones that will feature between five and nine camera lenses on the back.

Light has said that the multi-lens array is what it is currently working on and the prototype can shoot up to 64 megapixel shots and has also promised of better low-light performance and depth effects. It might also be working on the portrait mode features that are currently being offered on the current smartphones.

The camera manufacturer is many be cashing on the current trend of shifting to mobile phones for photography. The original L16 camera had a hard time with some of the issues like poor software and the fact that there was not much reason to pick the device over a good smartphone camera. However, provided the technology Light has, putting the multi-lens technology straight in to a smartphone can help the company to establish the technology better than a $2000 camera.

If things go well with the company and its attempts, it is likely that Light could be a leader among the phone manufacturers. However, the market has already seen devices with four camera lenses like the Huawei P20 Pro and the HTC U12 Plus. There are even rumours of LG coming up with its V40, which is likely to have five lenses in to the frame between the rear as well as front shooters. Unarguably, if there is a company which is suited to stuff more cameras in to a phone then it is probably Light. With 16 cameras in a single device, it could surely a be a breakthrough in the smartphone market. The gadget enthusiasts will not have to wait longer as reports say that Light will be announcing a phone with its camera technology later in 2018.

Photo Credits: Gizmodo UK

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