Olympus unveils the VR-320 720p HD digital camera, priced only for $200

Gadget Herald: Olympus has unveiled the latest VR-320 720p HD digital camera, and the most exciting part of this little baby is, its priced at $200 only. The camera can capture images and videos on High Definition mode, and in addition to that it has a massive extended Olympus Zoom lens. The device is scheduled to make it into market later in the month of February.

The VR-320 has a 14 mega pixel CCD sensor (1/2.3″-type) lens and is really powerful, plus is provides clear images of distant objects without any blur. It comes with a 3 inch screen with 230k dot res. and has the auto focus tracking technology, for it is found in very few digital cameras in the world.

Along with the above features, it has sensor-shift image stabilization, more than 7 built in image filters and records images on AVI format. There is 33MB of on board storage which is quite handy without a memory card and has a USB2.0 support to connect to various display devices. The VR-320 is available in four colours – Black, Dark Blue, Red and Silver.

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