Apple likely to launch cheaper MacBook device


Apple is known for its expensive and premium gadgets. Despite its premium price tags, the Apple gadgets continue to be on the top and the devices continue to woo the gadget enthusiasts who have the budget to shell out a bomb. However, in some good news for the budget gadget enthusiasts, Apple will soon be a cheaper MacBook during the final quarter of the year.

This means that a budget friendly Macbook can be expected in October 2018. Some of the earlier reports said that an affordable MacBook Air would be launched but with the latest reports it is not yet clarified what model of the MacBook will make it for the budget shelves. The reports added that the notebook maker Quanta will see the shipments rise sharply during the fourth quarter which was indicated by the orders for Apple’s new inexpensive notebooks. So going by the new theory, the laptops should soon be placed at the budget shelves by the end of the year.

However, no further details have been provided and the recent report has not even mentioned that the upcoming device would be a new MacBook Air which means that the new model can be known as the vanilla MacBook. Looking at the basic level, it does make sense that it can be a MacBook Air if it is an affordable machine as such features represent the cheaper end of the segment of Apple’s notebooks starting at $999. Moreover, the range surely needs a change as it has the same design for the best part of the decade and it also still runs with the 5th generation Intel CPU.

Although the reports are not always reliable but the earlier speculations have pointed out that the potential MacBook Air is a 13 inch model with a retina screen and if this turns out to be true, it would surely be a treat for the gadget goers.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends

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