Google Wear OS gets a new design like Android


Search engine giant Google is all set to unveil a brand new version of the Wear OS. The new release will mark the third major release of the platform and the first since rebranding to Wear OS. The search engine has finally understood what people expect from a smartwatch which is not a replacement to a phone.

Gadget enthusiasts expect an everyday assistant and coach which is fast as well as unobstrusive. Yet the new device does not feature battery life enhancements. The battery life still remains an issue in the segment and the industry is yet to find a solution to it. May be it is up to the partners of Google to figure out about the problem themselves. The director of product for Wear OS, Dennis Troper explained that his team focuses on three aspects while redesigning the platform which is providing proactive help from Google Assistant, to help people remain connected and enabling people to lead healthier lives.

Troper also believes that helping people to remain connected will free them up to be more present in the real world. Moreover, it is also the company’s way of trying to make people aware of how much time people spend on their phones. It also allows the users to set time limits for a few apps and disconnect. The new Wear OS is made to help people to stay on top of important events and people in their lives without the need to stay chained to the phones.

On the basis of this observation, Troper noted that people usually carried out fleeting interactions on smartwatches mostly on quick replies, glances, dismissing notifications and more. The focus was to deal with the minor matters as quickly as possible and then return to whatever they were doing in real world. This was the reason efficiency was essential in redesigning the platform.

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