Google launches new search engine for dataset search


Search engine giant Google has always tried to be different and has always improvised its services. Google has now introduced a new search engine which has been specifically designed for people who are looking for data. The new search engine is known as the Data Search which serves as a tool that provides easy access to millions of data sets across the data repositories on the web.

The best part of the search engine is that anyone can use it and is still in beta version. Google has specified that the new search engine is beneficial for journalists and data scientists. The search engine said, “In today’s world, scientists in many disciplines and a growing number of journalists live and breathe data… To enable easy access to this data, we launched Dataset Search, so that scientists, data journalists, data geeks, or anyone else can find the data required for their work and their stories, or simply to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.”

The dataset search provides results from the publishers’ sites authors personal web pages and digital libraries. The new search engine by Google is largely dependent on the schema markup for data set providers that was rolled out in July. The publishers with the help of dataset markup can describe their data in a way which can be understood by Google and other search engines. The search engine has also encouraged the dataset providers to make use of their markup to have their content included in the Dataset Search.

At present the Dataset Search can be used to find the references to most of the datasets in the environmental sciences, government data, social sciences and data provided by new organizations. As the publishers start using the new schema markup, the search engine will be able to expand the variety of content that will be included in Dataset Search. The service is available in multiple languages and works like any other search engine.

Photo Credits: foehub

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