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SNK opens pre-orders for Neo Geo Mini console in UK

Neo Geo

Japan based videogame hardware and software company SNK had made an announcement about its miniature classic arcade cabinet known as the Neo Geo Mini earlier in 2018. The miniature classic arcade cabinet is now available for pre-order on Amazon in UK and will be releasing on October 29, 2018. There are 40 classic Neo Geo games in the Neo Geo Mini: International Version set by default. The games include the King of Fighters, Metal Slug and Samurai Showdown.

A few models of the Mini after the classic Neo Geo arcade cabinets were seen in the UK earlier but are hugely popular in Japan and the US. The devices come in different color schemes in different territories. The Neo Geo Mini: International version, which I available for pre-orders in UK includes 14 games that were previously not included in the Japanese Neo Geo Mini.The device has been enabled with HDMI and features a 3.5 inch display that runs at the ideal resolution for classic Neo Geo games.

The entire package will cost the gamers £129.99 till the stock lasts. Moreover, apart from the system itself, the gamers can also order black and white controllers modeled after the classic Neo geo home console pads. Those controllers have been priced at £24.99 each and will be released on the same day as the system itself. The list of games which are included in the system are mentioned below:

Sports games
 Top Players Golf
 Super Sidekicks
 Football Frenzy

Fighting games
 King of Fighters 95
 King of Fighters 97
 King of Fighters 98
 King of Fighters 2000
 King of Fighters 2002
 Art of Fighting
 Fatal Fury Special
 Real Bout Fatal Fury
 Garou: Mark of the Wolves
 Samurai Showdown II
 Samurai Showdown IV
 Samurai Showdown V Special
 Last Blade 2
 World Heroes Perfect
 Kizuna Encounter
 Ninja Masters

Action games
 Metal Slug
 Metal Slug 2
 Metal Slug 3
 Metal Slug X
 Metal Slug 4
 Metal Slug 5
 King of the Monsters
 King of the Monsters 2
 Sengoku 3
 Magician Lord
 Blue’s Journey
 Shock Troopers
 Shock Troopers 2nd Squad
 Robo Army
 Crossed Swords
 Mutation Nation
 3 Count Bout

Shooting games
 Blazing Star
 Last Resort
 Ghost Pilots

Puzzle games
 Puzzled

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