Final layout of the Internet Explorer 9 released

Gadget Herald: Microsoft has finally released the last version of the Internet Explorer 9 browser in the market, before it makes a final release soon. The IE browser has been suffering loss against other browsers in the market since a long time. According to statement made by Microsoft, the Internet Explorer 9 is competitively ahead of the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

During the beta release, the browser has been downloaded more than25 million times, putting ahead of any other beta release browser on the web. The main highlight of this new browser is the privacy features and speed. Speed has been given special attention while making this latest IE, and indeed there could be some serious changes on the software.

Experts state, this is a real race within the latest browsers on the web, and speed is a department where everyone is concentrating the most. In fact it is up to the people, as how they look towards this browser and how does it perform in the real world.

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