Google to revamp search abilities on its 20th anniversary


Search engine giant Google is all set to celebrate its 20th anniversary and on this occasion, the search engine is introducing several new features for a refreshed user experience across the platforms. The features will include organizing the search results better, introducing Instagram Stories style presentation for selected content.

One of the important feature is the Activity card where the users will have all the previous steps in a handy card when they revisit a search query from the past. Every activity card that is displayed related to the search queries that were related to the earlier queries and the pages that were previously visited. The search engine giant has said that the cards will not show up for every search result and that they can turn them off as well.

Another feature is the Search collections. Different users have different ways of saving search results that is related to a topic. It can vary from Trello brands to emails. Google will now allow the users to save search results directly from the activity cards to collections and recommended some related links that the user might want to add. The feature is great for planning a trip or while working on a project. Another important feature is the AMP feature. Instagram has managed to make its Stories a big hit and Google could not resist it. The search engine is using the AI to construct the AMP Stories focusing on the celebrities and athletes.

The publishers who have adopted the AMP Stories standard will see the content appear in the new format in the search results. However, the users cannot create Stories just yet. Google will show the users selected videos that are related to the topic that they have searched for and also the related sub-topics. For instance, if the user searches for the Zion National Park they will see videos that are related to each attraction in the park.

Photo Credits: Engadget

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