Google celebrates 20 years birthday with Doodle


Search engine giant Google is celebrating its 20th birthday this month. Google has grown up in the past years to become one of the most remarkable and noteworthy search engines on the Internet. The search engine is celebrating the milestone with a Doodle which has chronicled some of the most popular search trends of the last two decades.

The new Doodle has animated the popular search terms in multiple languages. And the queries range about Y2K to the translation of love. However, it is just one element of Google’s 20th birthday which is worth a notice. While keeping in pace with the popular searches in the history theme, the company has launched a website that is dedicated to the notable facts from the last 20 years of the search trends. For instance, the Health Ledger was the most-searched actor in 2008 which was the year of his death.

Even Neymar was the most-searched soccer player since 2017 while The Real World was the most-searched reality TV show between 1999-2001. Google on its official blog has mentioned about the history of Doodles on Google and has highlighted 20 notable examples including the first animated Doodle that appeared during Halloween 2000 and the popular Pac-Man Doodle which had marked the game’s 30th anniversary in 2010.

The founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin had first registered domain in 1997 but they did not officially incorporate Google the company until the next year. The search engine was officially found on September 1998 in the Menlo Park garage that belonged to their friend Susan Wojcicki, who joined the company in 1999 as the first marketing manager. Google in the past has largely used its power to innovate and has resulted in huge advances on how to use the internet and conduct lives online. Google and the Internet have continued to grow while facing different challenges and has yielded increasingly difficult answers.

Photo Credits: The independent

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