Google unveils first visual smart speaker Home Hub

home hub

After several reports of leaks, the news of Google making its own smart display turned out to be true. The search engine has revealed the Home Hub that works as an assistant-equipped smart speaker with 7 inch touchscreen display. Like the other smart devices, the users can use both get visual feedback for searches like the weather or recipes and also find the photos and videos. But the device also has a few standout features of its own including the things that are missing.

First, there is no camera that’s because Google knows about the privacy issues and wants the users to feel comfortable while putting a Home Hub in the bedroom and other areas which can be called as sensitive. But this means that the device misses out on the video chat feature. There is a new Home View dashboard that gives a quick glance at all the smart home devices, whether the users are looking at the Hub or the mobile Home app of Google.

The display has the ability to auto-adjust the lighting throughout the day which means that you need not to strain at a bright screen at the night. The users will also be able to display live Google Photos album that updates as you take pictures. However, it cannot be called as a raw dump as Google uses machine learning to emit the blurry and badly exposed shots.

The new Home Hub is now available for pre-orders from October 9, 2018 for $149 and will be shipped in the UK, US and Australia on October 22, 2018. Google has surely an advantage in terms of its pricing as it is competitive and will be a key selling point. The market has the Lenovo model for $200 while the latest Amazon’s Echo Show costs $50 more. The costs are slightly more than the original Home was when it was new.

Photo Credits: 9to5 Google

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