LG Optimus Pad tablet PC to cost £849 in the UK

Gadget Herald: The LG Optimus Pad tablet PC will be costing around £849 in the UK, the device was showcased at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. Most of the customers were quite excited after having the first look at this device, and were eager to know how much would it cost in Europe, and some initial figures show €999.

It is twice the price of the Dell Streak and the Motorola Xoom, and the iPad is nowhere in sight, plus it is running on the Honeycomb OS. The price of this device has become quite controversial at the event for it sent goosebumps to its customers, and the company indicates the tablet will be in the market this April.

Not to mention, this device is 3D tablet, as it has the ability to shoot videos in 3D format with its rear camera. This 8.9inch tablet can give other devices some hard time in the market, but the price is its only downfall. Experts state, the 3D camera in the Optimus Pad is the only reason to make this exquisite device dearer.

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