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Rapper Soulja Boy launches a crude 3 inch screen handheld game console


American rapper and actor, Soulja Boy has ventured in to the video games industry. However, in some disappointment for his fans, instead of working with an established game developer to make an interesting game Boy has released a handheld console. The rapper could also have lent his voice to a character. The device looks averagely promising as a gamer could expect from Soulja Boy to look.

The game console has been given the title SouljaGame and claims to have 3000+ built-in games. The titles include from Game Boy Advance, NeoGeo Games, Game Boy Color and three other consoles. The SouljaGame site has also listed a line that says “Type: For Switch/3DS/Vita/NEOGEO/GBC/Gameboy/GBA Handheld Game Players.” The site has not mentioned any specific games, but going by the looks it can be said that Mario Kart: Super Circuit and a Pokemon game are likely to be added. The SouljaGame has a three inch screen and does not have touch screen controls and will be available in black and white colors. For now all the pictures of the console has shown just the while color version.

The device is similar to the Wii U gamepad, but it is a much better version as it has a good 6.2 inch screen, but the more appropriate comparison to the SouljaGame would be the Game Boy Micro’s two inch screen. A picture from the SouljaGame website has said , the console “Support connerting [sic] to TV.” This sounds great but there is no mention if the connection cables will be included with the purchase or not. Going by the pictures, the SouljaGame has outputs to a TV through RCS cables so hopefully the gamer has the option of a TV that has RCA ports.

The console is a premium product and comes at a premium price of $99.99. If the users are not game enthusiasts, then Soulja Boy also has the SouljaWatch for sale.

Photo Credits: Newsweek

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