Sony Alpha A290 digital camera review

Gadget Herald: The Sony Alpha A290 is a digital camera which is very affordable and almost everyone can have their hands on this little Sony creation, but the only downside here is, it has limited features on it. It has a 14.2 mega pixel camera which is quite decent, along with the Sony BIONZ image processor. In addition to all this it has, aperture priority, shutter priority manual shooting mode and DSLR program.

What is rather exciting about this camera is the ability to point and shoot at any given point, plus it costs £330 pounds in the UK market. Sony has manufactured this digital camera for people who not professionally involved into photography. It comes with a 2.7 inch screen which has a 230k dot resolution.

The image quality is quite decent, not as clean and sharp compared to the big daddies in the market, like Canon and Panasonic. Brightness and image quality can be enhanced on the camera itself, so it is quite handy if photographs are not shot well. The sales are moderate and the camera looks good, but no optional colours available.

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