Sony PlayStation Classic gets wireless controller support with new adapter

Playstation Classic

Missing of wireless controllers was one of the biggest drawbacks with the miniature PlayStation Classic by Sony. Peripheral maker 8bitdo has fixed this drawback. The company has announced latest adapter which is a plug and play device that can instantly give the PS Classic Support for a big range of controllers.

It includes the PS3 and the PS4 DualShock controllers, Wii U Pro and Switch controllers, Bluetooth-enabled Xbox controllers and also the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. The adapter can also support all the available 8bitdo retro style controllers. The company has claimed that the controllers will be able to provide a lag-free connection between the controller and the console and such a feature would be useful for the games like the Ridge Racer Type 4 races and Tekken 3 fights

8Bitdo had earlier released the wireless controller options for NES and SNES Classic. The company has also launched a range of useful adapters that can perform anything from offering the wireless GameCube controller support for the Switch to adding the Bluetooth options to the original NES. The gamer can also build their own wireless controller with 8bitdo’s $20 DIY kit.

At the same time the gamer has to keep in mind that the new adapter cannot fix everything that is wrong with the PlayStation Classic. For Instance the bare-bones feature list along with the questionable lineup of games. The new adapter can make the experience of Final Fantasy VII once again much more comfortable. The adapter can be pre-ordered for $19.99 and the shipments are expected to begin from December 31, 2018.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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