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Vivo launches new Nex with second display and Lunar ring


Vivo has become one of the most successful smartphone manufacturers in the market. The company has announced the follow up to the most popular phones of 2018, the Nex. The new Nex Dual Display Edition features a similar curvy design and has sported to keep itself away from the display notch but has a different approach. The original Nex had a pop-up selfie camera while the new model does not need one.

This is because, as the name suggests, the device has an entire second screen on the back of the smartphone, and can be used to frame selfies with the help of the unusually ringed camera set up. The new Vivo has a 12 mega pixel primary camera and is backed with a 2 mega pixel secondary module. It also has a third f/1.3 lens paired with the time of flight (TOF)3D module. The company has claimed that the TOF 3D camera can be used for personalized beautification.

Vivo also showed the 3D object scanning capabilities of its prototype time-of-flight tech at MWC Shanghai this year. There is a lunar ring at the back of the device which is functional as well as decorative. The colors change to signify notifications or can glow softly to create a diffused lighting for low-lit selfie shots. The lights can also be set to pulse along with the music. The front screen is smaller yet sharper than before and measures 6.4 inches and the one on the back is 5.5 inch which can also be used to operate the phone as normal.

Both the screens are OLED panels that enables the in-display fingerprint sensor. Vivo has worked on this feature than anyone to popularize in 2018. But it still does not work across a wider area like it was seen with the Apex concept device that has now become the Nex. The smartphone is packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 10 GB RAM and 128 GB storage.

Photo Credits: Phone Arena

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