Microsoft announces Windows Sandbox feature to run applications in isolation


Software giant Microsoft has officially announced a new feature which is soon expected to some on the Windows 10 19H1 early in 2019. It is known as the Windows Sandbox feature that will be a part of the Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Editions. The feature helps to create an isolated, temporary desktop environment where the users can be able to run potentially suspicious software. The information about the new feature was given by the officials in a blog post on December 18, 2018.

Earlier in 2018, there were reports that Microsoft was working on a new security feature for Windows 10 that was at that time called InPrivate Desktop. The InPrivate Desktop also got a mention in Microsoft’s Insider Feedback Hub during a bug bash quest in August, 2018. The code name for the InPrivate Desktop was Madrid.

In the most recent blog post that talked about the Windows Sandbox, Microsoft official said that the feature was available for the Windows 10 Pro pr Enterprise running the Build 18301 or later. The point here to be noted that the software giant is yet to make available the Build 18301 of Windows 10 for the Insider Testers but can have the potential to do so later in the week. However, later the post said that the feature can work with the Widows 10 Pro or the Enterprise Build 18292 and the feature requires the AMD64 and virtualization capabilities enabled in BIOS.

The upcoming Windows Sandbox is a virtual machine that is built on the technologies which are used in the Windows Containers. Moreover it makes use of the new technology that Microsoft calls as Integrated scheduler which allows the host to decide when the sandbox runs. People who wish to know more about the Windows Sandbox feature can learn about it at the December 18 blog post. Microsoft has always brought forward its best features for the convenience of its users.

Photo Credits: How To Geek

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