Apple offers massive sales on iPhones as its looking forward for increasing sales


There was a time when gadget enthusiasts had to wait till January for the retail sales to begin. But now the fun game has started ahead of Black Friday. Moreover, the consumers are treated with more of prices and special offers as the year comes to an end. Since the past few years, The Boxing Day, especially in the United Kingdom has been the owner of the biggest cuts for the Apple iPhones.

However, this year the cuts have been more in the weekend before Christmas as the retailer is looking forward to improve sales and figures of the calendar year. But after Christmas the sales are now a part of the landscape. Traditionally, the iPhones keeps themselves away from the sales, discounts and special offers. This happened due to the power of the brand and the perception of luxury. Moreover, the demand for the latest smartphone had meant that Apple could name its price and continue with it throughout the production cycle.

It would then aggressively keep the mart prices high on the older models as they move down the portfolio through age. But the tradition is broken in 2018 as the iPhones including the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max are not having a good retail experience. However, Apple has not officially released any figures and will not be doing so in the upcoming quarterly earnings. The analysts watching the supply line, consumer reaction and interactions and the earning reports from the parts suppliers are indicating towards lower sales for the current generation of iPhones.

On the other hand, Apple has not said anything about it but its actions around the iOS powered handsets have clearly indicated what might have happened to the handsets. Apple is currently looking forward to more handset sales and is making every possible move to increase the numbers and also seems like more desperate than in previous years.

Photo Credits: buztym

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