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Xiaomi soon to unveil its foldable smartphone


So far it was Samsung that had created ripples in the smartphone market when it teased its much awaited Galaxy F foldable phone. But now it seems like Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has bigger plans. There are reports that the Chinese smartphone giant might be working on an ambitious triple-fold phone. A reporter Evan Blass has posted a video on the social network which has shown the mysterious device which is allegedly made by Xiaomi.

The video has shown a version of a mapping app that spreads across three screens after which the users folds the sides of the device down. The application running on its then adjust itself to fill the remaining single screen in folded mode. The technology looks completely different than that of the Samsung’s infolding tech for the Galaxy F, which has folded the phone inwards to use the single screen on the back.

At the same time Blass has not talked much about the authenticity of the video, but a report in 2018 by ET news had suggested that the Chinese smartphone maker had started a program to develop an outfolding phone. Gadget enthusiasts who are looking forward for a new foldable device, might soon be treated with a new foldable phone. Whether the video is authentic or not, Xiaomi is surely preparing to joint the segment of foldable phones.

Samsung has showed off the prototype of the folding phone in 2018, shortly after the Chinese company Royole had given a demo of a folding device of its own. In 2016, even Lenovo had reported that it is working on a foldable smartphone. Huawei is expected to launch its foldable device in 2019. Meanwhile, US tech giant Apple has remained silent over its ambitions to make a foldable phone, but the patent applications have suggested that it is exploring the concept. The good part is that more than half of the companies are working on a foldable device and all of them have unique concepts.

Photo Credits: TNW

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