Blue launches XLR microphone for broadcasting purpose


Recent trends have seen professionalization of the amateur content online. As more people are leaning towards producing quality content, there are looking forward to more professional gadgets. There are many YouTubers and podcasters and everyone is keen on getting their production quality up. Audio production company Blue is one of the specialist manufacturers who are getting in to fulfilling the needs of such users.

The company launched its Blue Yeti Nano at the IFA in 2018 and had made it a world-renowned USB microphone even more compact and affordable. Blue has now come to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with the first consumer grade XLR microphone with the Blue Ember and has been priced at $99.99. The XLR is the connector that is used on the microphone and is the same sort that you might find on the Super high-end headphones along with the professional studio production gear.

It is huge and provides a very reliable connection and it signals a more professional inclination of the new Ember microphone. The XLR can be used to plug the Ember in to an interface like the Rodecaster Pro which can be called as the self-contained podasting studio. The buttons of it can be customized to play jingles and sound effects on command. The company has said that the Ember has been designed with a tight cardioids pickup pattern that focuses on the source of the sound directionally in front of the mic. The best part is that it minimizes the room noise so that a clean and upfront sound is heard with excellent isolation.

Blue has also noted that the extra skinny design of the ember is deliberate and helps to find in to tight spaces and also minimizes its onscreen presence while the video is streaming with it. The device is compatible with the standard microphone stands and boom arms.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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