HyperX launches new gaming headphones with better isolation and noise cancellation


The CES 2019 on January 7, 2018 saw HyperX launch the Cloud Orbit and Cloud Orbit S gaming headphones. The gaming headphones are based on the Audeze’s Mobius but have a few favourable modifications. The devices are lower in terms of its price. Light on design and has a warm sound profile with an improved mic. With so many features, it makes the Cloud Orbits a great offering.

The company has collaborated with Audeze for the design and production of the new Cloud Orbit models. Hype X has powered the devices with the 100mm planar magnetic drivers like in the Audeze Mobius. But here the gaming company has opted keep a wired connection instead of the Bluetooth that the Audeze makes use of. And it is due to this the HyperX Cloud Orbit comes at an affordable price of $299.99 and the HyperX Cloud Orbit S has been priced at $329.99.

The Orbit S has a distinguished upgrade with the Waves Nx head tracking technology which is the signature feature of the Mobius. Both the devices are cheaper than the Audeze Mobius that retails at $399.99. When the new devices were actually tried at the CES, they felt much lighter and compact as well. The company has also said that the Cloud Orbit Headphones will have five preloaded sound profiles unlike the neutral tuning on the Audeze. The HyperX will offer an exciting bass rich sound signature. Mark Tekunoff, the HyperX product marketing said, “Everyone loves a smile”, and referred to the smile shaped frequency response graph of a pair of headphones that has emphasized treble and bass.

The warmth of the HyperX Cloud Orbit headphones in the noisy environment of the CES is an easy way to appreciate the sound isolation as well. The Cloud Orbits has a detachable microphone with a pop filter over the Audeze Mobius. The battery lasts up to ten hours and is used to power the digital signal processing.

Photo Credits: The Verge

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