Netatmo launches connected doorbell without need of subscription


French based home automation company Netatmo was recently acquired by the giant Legrand. After the acquisition, the company is announcing its first product which is a connected doorbell. Netatmo said that the new product is the first Apple HomeKit compatible doorbell. The launch surely looks promising but there are all the chances that other companies could beat the product by launching their respective products.

While talking about having a connected doorbell, the main issue with the product is that the companies like August, Ring and others make a subscription compulsory in order to store a video footage and more advanced features. The good thing is that Netatmo does not want the buyers to get in to the subscription issue and will allow the users to access all the features without the need of a subscription. The new doorbell by Netatmo is called as the Smart Video Doorbell which is a very descriptive name that is going to work well with the search engines.

The device will require a standard doorbell and gets connected to the Wi-Fi network. When someone presses the button, the user will get a notification on the phone and they can view the video feed. The users will also have the option to press a button and talk to the person, if you are not available at home. This means that the doorbell also works as an outdoor security camera and will alert the user if someone is in front of the house. The users will get a ‘person detected’ notification and can also talk to the intruder. The best part is that it also works in the dark with the help of infrared which means that it has the ability to replace the Netatmo Presence security camera.

The video footage can be stored in a micro SD card on the device. The doorbell will be made available sometime in the second half of 2019.

Photo Credits: Homekit news and reviews

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