Apple plans three new iPhones despite sluggish XR sales


Cupertino based tech giant Apple did not have a great experience with the sales of its iPhone XR. Despite the sluggish sales the company is all set to introduce a triple-camera iPhone in 2019. It will also be introducing a lower priced LED model according to a new report by a leading daily. Apple did not have a pleasant experience in terms of the sales of the current iPhone XR LED model and the new news has clearly indicated that Apple is still interested in bringing up the mid-to-high range line up.

Like most of the other manufacturers, Apple is also experiencing a slowdown in the smartphone market as the consumers are upgrade their smartphones less often. The tech giant has currently many dual-camera smartphone models but other manufacturers including Huawei and LG already have their devices with at least three. Even south Korean giant Samsung released its mid-range model, the Galaxy A7 that has a triple rear camera set up.

By adding a third camera, Apple will offer a more consumer friendly photohgrapy features like telephoto close-ups and improved bokeh blurred backgrounds. A third camera iPhone was reported earlier as well but a report from a leading daily has said that Apple is not necessarily interested in building another budget oriented XR device. Yet the next model has been in development since months and will be too difficult and expensive to switch gears. By 2020, the company is planning to build all of its iPhones with OLED displays that will offer superior contrast and color reproduction.

This year it has been noticed that the iPhones are less competitive due to the other competitive devices in the market from the companies like Huawei and others. Other giants are also producing equally competitive and technically sound devices. With that point it will be interesting to see what Apple has planned in terms of the growing competition.

Photo Credits: Macworld

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