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Machinima gaming channel on YouTube shut down


Popular gaming channel Machinima was once a popular channel among the gaming enthusiasts. The Channel has now reportedly shut down with no official announcements. The content of the channel is no longer accessible. The multi-platform online entertainment network was found in 2000 and was launched in 2006 and over the years it had accumulated more than 12 million subscribers.

The channel might have shut down but it still remains one of the biggest gaming channels on the video sharing platform. The new move had also surprised the fans as well as the content creators when Machinima’s entire library was set without warning. Machinima was acquired by Warner Bros in 2016 before AT&T had acquired Warner Bros in 2018. Later the gaming channel as subsumed by AT&T’multi-channel network Fullscreen which is operated by Otter Media.

Otter Media in a statement said that it remains focused on working with the Machinima team to create new content that will be distributed on the new channels in the upcoming months. The statement added, “In the meantime the Machinima network of creator channels continues to showcase the talents of the network. As part of this focus on new content, we have pivoted from distributing content on a handful of legacy operated channels.” The legacy operated channels include YouTube but it is still unclear why the monetized videos on the platform have been taken down.

The ones who are unhappy with the recent happenings is the former creator Jeremy Azevedo. Matt Dannevik another former creator paid tribute to Machinima on the YouTube Channel. The social media is now filled with the messages #RIPMachinima. The fans as well as the creators are questioning about the move to set the videos private. Plans for Machinima and its future on YouTube is still not clear. The videos on the platform have just been sent to private and not been deleted. There are also chances that Otter Media might open them up to public access again.

Photo Credits: VG247

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