Apple iPhones to be released with OLED only in 2020


A new report from a leading daily has suggested that Apple might give up on its LCDs from its iPhones from 2020. If this news does not come as a surprise, the revelation comes as a Japan supplier struggles in the wake of disappointing iPhone XR sales. The news has come with courtesy of people who are familiar with the matter and surely makes sense as the prices of the display technology must drop so that it becomes more attainable for more people.

However, it has to be seen if Apple will be ready to give up on its budget take on its flagship. One thing is sure that the newly released iPhone XR did not get a reception as expected by the company. Despite a disappointment in terms of its sales, it has to be noted that the cheaper handset has been the most popular iPhone since it went on sale in October, 2019. But the fact that Apple is still struggling in terms of the handset sales, cannot be ignored.

Apple is surely trying its best while trying to move towards a higher end technology but it is just a part of its inevitable march progress. The company is still expected to release an LCD sporting successor to the XR later in 2019. While Apple is still struggling with its flagship regular smartphones, the year 2019 is going to be a year of foldable phones that are expected to be unveiled by other competitors in the market.

At the same time, analysts have said that the foldable technology is not expected to go mainstream any time soon. But the fact cannot be denied that the gadget enthusiasts are always hungry for new discoveries and more features. A new technology handset has always wooed the mainstream consumers. The year 2020 will see Apple likely to move in to 5G iPhones.

Photo Credits: 9 to 5 mac

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