Apple likely to reward teenager who found Group FaceTime bug

Group FaceTime

While Apple is dealing with the recently found bug that allowed the callers to eavesdrop on a recipient before the call is picked up, an executive from the company visited the 14 year old teenager who discovered the bug. Reports say that the 14 year old teenager would be rewarded under the company’s bug bounty program for the Group FaceTime issue.

The original discoverer of the bug was recently visited by an unnamed executive from Apple. Discoverer Grant Thompson’s mother Michele Thompson said, “They also indicated that Grant would be eligible for the bug bounty program. And we would hear from their security team the following week in terms of what that meant. If he got some kind of bug bounty for what he found we’d certainly put it to good use for his college because I think he’s going to go far, hopefully. This is actually a field he was interested in before and even more so now.”

Grant in an interview said that he is not fazed by the process and will continue to use products from Apple and added that, “every now and then something like this just falls through the cracks and can be found.” On the other hand Michele Thompson refused to identify the Apple executive in question. The bug was reportedly simple to induce as the caller first starts a FaceTime video call with a contact and then while the call is ringing they add themselves to the call as a third party by tapping Add Person and entering their own phone number.

If it is properly executed, A Group FaceTime call is started and the original recipient’s voice begins to stream before the call is accepted. When the bug became popular on the social media, Apple disabled the Group FaceTime and prevented the execution of the flaw. Since then Apple has apologized for the flaw and a patch for the defect is expected soon.

Photo Credits: idownloadblog

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