Apple slashes prices of its 2018 iPad and iPad Pro


Cupertino based company Apple is known for making the premium devices and also comes with premium price tags. Moreover, it is not easy to get fresh and lucrative deals on the Apple hardware, especially for the latest models of the iOS devices. If you are one of those who are looking for a new tablet then the iPad series by Apple is one of the best devices in the market. The 2018 iPad and the iPad Pro are fairly new devices in the market and the models are being offered on discounts for Valentine’s Day.

When the other Apple gadgets are compared, the iPads are not prohibitively expensive when compared to their Android and Windows counterparts. So if the gadget enthusiasts are looking for a new mobile tech then the Amazon has got a couple of up-to-date iPad models that are on sale at present. There are also a few iPad alternatives that can give the buyers some extra options to choose from.

An Apple tablet, that can otherwise be pricey, will now not affect your bank balance much. But it still does not get better than the flagship iPad. The reason behind it is simple that it is fast and has got a beautiful 9.7 inch Retina Display and in other words, it offers everything that you can expect from an iPad. At the Amazon price of $329, the 9.7 inch iPad has become the most budget friendly tablet in the 2018 iPad line up. A $49 discount allows you to score the 32 GB model for an even cheaper $280.

People who are looking forward for an upgrade from the standard iPad in terms of size, the iPad Pro is a pretty good Apple tablet and the best one of 2017. It is the last year’s model and features a larger 10.5 inch Retina display than its 9.7 counterpart.

Photo Credits: Digital Trends

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