Samsung getting ready a Selfie cam with S Pen


Smartphone manufacturers in recent times have been looking in to innovative ways to introduce new technology in their devices to lure its customers. The users these days are looking forward to more innovative and unique cameras in their smartphones. There are pop-up selfies and more lenses in the cameras which make them more attractive for the users. Samsung has come up with an idea of building a remote optical zoom lens inside of a stylus. A new patent filed by the South Korean giant has given the idea and has been granted to Samsung this week.

It has laid out a design that would place a long optical zoom lens array inside the Galaxy Note’s S Pen. The patent has also pointed out that since the optical lens systems can be bulky, most of today’s smartphone which are thin in figure don’t offer them or only offer a limited systems. This also means that they rely on the less superior digital zoom to punch in while taking a picture or a video. The S Pen is known as the electric pen in the patent and the company seems to think that it can fit a four-lens optical array that can be connected back to the phone’s camera app with the help of Bluetooth and offer further reaching and a sharper zoom.

The patent has not mentioned on how powerful the potential stylus by Samsung would be. There are reports that some of the models of the company’s upcoming Galaxy S10 phones will reportedly pack three lens cameras and is expected to offer 2X optical zoom while matching the latest dual-lens iPhones.

In 2018, Samsung had added a remote camera shutter function to the Note 9’s S Pen. It puts a full camera inside the device and this seems like the logical next step. Samsung is expected to introduce the S Pen touting Galaxy Note later in 2019.

Photo Credits: Inverse

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