Nintendo 3DS gaming console finally goes on sale in Japan

Gadget Herald: It is finally here, the Nintendo 3DS gaming console has been launched in the market and it is officially kept on sale in Japan. This gaming console will cost 25,000 yen in the Japanese market, which is a very competitive price against the PlayStation Pocket 2. It will also be released in Europe and shall cost around €250 in various market around the continent.

The 3DS shall step on the US shore by the 27th of March and shall cost around a guessed price of $250. It is the first gaming console which will feature 3D gaming without the usage of glasses. According to experts, Nintendo has placed a new stage in gaming consoles and expects more competition from the market in the future.

Nintendo forecasts it shall sell around 4 million devices in the global market of which 1.5 million will be sold in Japan alone. 3D technology today is available on TV’s, camcorders and even some cellphones, but after the launch on a gaming console, it has brought a wave of surprise among many gamers around the world.

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