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LG introduces dual-screen 5G smartphone with advanced biometrics


Smartphone manufacturers are adopting new technologies in order to be in the race of flagging smartphone sales. South Korean giant LG Electronics unveiled its 5G smartphone on February 24, 2019 which has a dual screen. LG has become the latest company to introduce a new technology to lure its consumers. The new screens on the new LG V50ThinQ work independently which allows the users to watch a film on one screen and browse the internet on the other.

LG is the world’s number 7 smartphone maker but saw its sales decline by a quarter in 2018 as the Chinese rivals including Huawei and Xiaomi managed to grab the market share in a weaker global market. Huawei as well as Xiaomi announced their respective 5G phones in Barcelona on the eve of Mobile World Congress. The telecom industry’s largest annual event saw Xiaomi introduce its $680 model while Huawei introduced a folding device at the price of $2,600.

It has been noticed that LG has always valued those who value good video and audio quality. While addressing those users, LG launched a second phone known as the G8ThinQ which can be unlocked without even touching the screen. The handset makes use of light sensors to scan the veins on the user’s hands or recognizes their face. The front facing camera of the device has a sensor chip that is developed by Germany’s Infineon Technologies which can scan three dimensions while making it more secure than the existing biometric methods of unlocking phones such as fingerprints.

In the new LG device, the users can also activate some of the features with gestures for instance to play or pause a song or video or adjust the volume by twisting their fingers and more. The company is yet to announce the release dates and the prices for the new devices but has said that the 5G model is expected to hit the stores in the first half of the year.

Photo Credits: India Today

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