LG shows off OLED EX display to be pitched against Mini-LED


Tech giant LG has on December 29, 2021 unveiled a new series of its OLED panels christened as the OLED EX. The new generation features 30 percent improved brightness which pitches it against the Mini-LED technology. Apart from the improved brightness, the new series also features improved color accuracy and is also thinner than the regular OLED panels. LG while talking about the name OLED EX has said that it stands for Evolution and Experience.

The company has also claimed that its latest OLED technology has fixed a few limitations faced earlier. Compared to the conventional OLED displays it offers 30 percent brighter display. The latest panel has made use of deuterium compounds that allow the light-emitting diodes emit stronger light. LG has also managed to give the OLED EX with better color accuracy with lower distortion. The problem of color distortion was a problem with some of its OLED panels when compared to the LCD displays.

Despite the promising launch of the OLED EX, the company has not given any idea as to when the new panels will make it to the market. But it is expected to be seen in a number of models in the upcoming years. On the other hand Apple is preparing to introduce its Mini-LED for some of its products including the MacBook Pro, iPad Pro. The company is also expected to introduce OLED panels to some of its products including the iPads in 2022 as the technology is cheaper than the Mini-LED.

Talking about the Mini-LED technology it is considered as an alternative to the OLED and can achieve brightness levels of up to 2,000 nits and high color accuracy. On the other hand OLED EX is still far behind the Mini-LED that offers super high brightness levels. LG is known for constantly introducing new tech for its products and the upcoming OLED EX seems promising for the future devices.

Photo Credits: Gizmochina

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