Belkin launches privacy-focused screen protectors InvisiGlass Ultra


American manufacturer of consumer electronics Belkin has released a new privacy-focused InvisiGlass Ultra screen protectors for the iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and the iPhone XR. The new screen protectors have been designed with two-way mirrored glass that has the ability to hide the contents of the iPhone screen from the onlookers when it is viewed from the side. However it provides a full visibility when viewed straight.

The Cupertino based company started selling the screen protectors this week and said that the screen protectors make use of ion strengthened glass for improved durability. The screen protectors can be purchased from and is available for $45.95 for each iPhone model.

The best part about the Belkin screen protectors is that they can be installed by the users themselves and you need not have any special skill. It comes with an installation kit and a cleaning cloth for self installation. Even if the users are not confident about the installation they can be installed at the Apple Stores when purchased.

There are also many privacy screen protectors available on other e-commerce sites like Amazon at cheaper prices but the quality of those screen protectors surely vary in terms of quality. Screen protectors have become an essential accessory on a mobile phone as it gives it an additional protection from untimely falls.

Photo Credits: MacRumours

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