Windows Phone 7 update delayed by Microsoft

Gadget Herald: Microsoft has officially delayed the Windows Phone 7 update, a new release which could easily provide the feature of cut and paste on the a windows phone. As of now the company states the update from the Windows Phone 7 operating system will be available by the end of this year.

During the beginning of this year, Microsoft has stated it will launch the update for the WP7 in a couple of months and the release was much expected. The cancellation of this update has come during the time when the earlier update was cornered with a number of flaws and issues.

One of the main issues WP7 users faced during updates, they witnessed the updates were consistently failing and was an issue. Many devices were having problems in the installation of updates, most of them were Samsung devices. Rumours also show the delay in update could also affect the release of a later update scheduled later this year.

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