Apple add Confirm Subscription step for subscription sign ups

confirm subscription

Apple is addressing the problem of accidental App Store subscriptions. In an effort to combat the issue, of the ongoing problem, Apple will now present the users with a ‘Confirm Subscription’ pop-up before the details are finalized. The change was first noticed by developer David Barnard on Twitter recently. The addition was finalized and started sometime last week and an additional step has been added by Apple to the subscription process.

After the user has authenticated through Touch ID or Face ID, they will be able to see a pop-up asking to confirm the subscription. The subscription will continue unless it is cancelled in the settings at least one day before the subscription period ends. The accidental subscription signups have been a major issue especially for the users with Touch ID iPhones. The users would see a subscription pop-up and immediately press the home button to try and exit the app. When the users placed the finger on the home button the Touch ID would authenticate and the users get signed up for the subscription.

Since then Apple has taken various steps to counteract the problem with hidden and devious subscriptions in the iOS apps. Earlier in 2019, the Cupertino based company revamped documentation for app subscriptions while explaining that the developers must clearly present the subscription price and other details. The new confirm subscription step has been rolled out sometime this week while making it an unusual change that was not included in a standard update to iOS.

Whatever the case may be, it is great to see the company making such efforts to clear the iOS users of such issues.

Photo Credits: Cult of mac

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