Walmart offers Apple iPad Mini 4 on a big discount


The smartphone field might be dominated by Android but when it comes to tablets, the iPad is surely the winner. There are many reasons, why the Apple’s iPads remain at the top as they come with a promising hardware, pretty displays, build quality that cannot be compared, sleek interfaces and off-course the cutting edge features. The best part is that the company offers something for every user and every budget from the premium iPad Pro to the budget friendly Apple iPad Mini. And now the iPad Mini 4 is all set to get a substantial price cut at Walmart.

The iPad Mini might be the least appreciated member of the tablet family at Apple. The new Mini was released earlier in 2019 and since then there were rumours that were floating around that Apple was soon going to discontinue the tiny 7.9 inch tablet altogether. And that would make the iPad Mini the final model. But that theory did not work and with the release of the new Mini, it is now the perfect chance to score a deal on the last generation iPad Mini before it is gone for good.

Apple tablets have always been promising when it came to the display technology and the iPad Mini 4 is no exception. It is not just compact but also durable with an all-metal body that features a 7.9 inch retina touchscreen with a crisp resolution of 2,048 X 1,536. It runs on a dual-core Apple A8 chipset that has a quad-core GPU and the model comes with a 128 GB SSD which proves to be a good storage bonus over the standard 64 GB variant.

The iPad Mini 4 currently sells at $400 which is a good price for an Apple product and a $100 discount will bring down the price at just $300 on Walmart now. This is cheaper than the standard iPad and is a little more than the $280 sale price.

Photo Credits: Best Buy Canada

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