Google Assistant alarms can be shut by just shouting ‘Stop’

Search engine giant Google has announced a series of new updates for its Google Assistant on stage at the Google I/O, but the best one is actually the smallest update. The users of Google Assistant can finally get the Google Assistant alarms to stop ringing by just saying “stop”. You can even shout at it depending on how much angry you are at the alarm.

This means that you no longer have to say “Hey Google, turn off the alarm” to get the Google Home or phone to stop ringing. This might be a small change, but has highlighted the efforts that are being made by the search engine to fine tune its Voice Assistant service. Google is working hard to make it simpler to make them work like a natural conversation and is less like trying to program a robot with specific voice command at 6 AM when all the users want to do is rollover and go back to sleep.

This can be compared to the old method or if you use Alexa, you will realize that it still requires to say the entire “Alexa Stop” system to turn off the alarm. So just yelling “Stop” to the alarm is surely a better option. For now Google hasn’t said how it is managing this in an ideal world. The Assistant is just turning the mic on to listen for the “Stop” request when the alarm goes off. This might also be another expansion of the Assistant’s always-listening capabilities to a new level.

The new “Stop” feature will soon start rolling for the Google Assistant smart displays and Google Homes in the English speaking locales. The Assistant has already been a boon for the search engine as it has served many devices so far. The new updates will surely be an added feather on the cap of the assistant service.

Photo Credits: Android Guys

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