Google announces new Play Store features for developers

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Search engine giant Google’s highly anticipated event Google I/O has always managed to create waves with many announcements, updates and debuts. Like every year, this year too Google I/O 2019 revealed a number of updates along with some newbies for its Google Play Store. It now has plenty of new tools and improvements that have been added based on the developer feedback to help them sell, update and market their apps more seamlessly.

The Android App Bundle has some new features and is also leaving beta. The Google blog post says that the developers can now install features as required or in the background. They can also regulate which parts of the app is delivered when it is installed. The ability to tailor such functionality features are surely a blessing for the developers who are looking to cut down the size of the apps. More than 80,000 apps and games use app bundles which means that it can help to free up tons of space.

Even the Google Play instant experiences are fully supported now. Once the app has been installed, getting the users to update the apps is still a headache for the developers, but the new in-app updates API helps a smooth flow in Google’s early access program. The API support is now widely available and supports two approaches – immediate flow that requires the users to download the necessary update before they can access the app and the flexible flow that allows for the update to download in the background while the user continues to enjoy the app.

Moreover, even the security is customizable with varying levels of cryptographic strength for new install signing keys. Even the testing has received an update as the developers can now swap test builds through an internal app sharing with no keys and codes needed. Even the Google Play Console data has got a makeover with many new metrics and insights for the developers to obsess over.

Photo Credits: Android Police

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